• Climbing Eagle Summit

    Climbing Eagle Summit

    Dan Kaduce of Fairbanks pushing up the west side of Eagle Summit. The temperature was low, around 40 below and a stiff wind was blowing across the summit. In 2008 the race started in Fairbanks and finished in Whitehorse.

  • A dog team crossing the Yukon

    A dog team crossing the Yukon

    During the 2006 Yukon Quest a long stretch of the Yukon River betwee the 40 Mile and Dawson City was covered with jumble ice. Lance Mackey’s dogteam crosses the river from east to west to find better driving conditions.

  • Frank Turner

    Frank Turner

    During the 2005 YukonQuest Claire Festel and I snow machined up the Yukon river from Dawson. I took this photo of  just before it was getting dark.

  • Gerry Willomitzer

    Gerry Willomitzer

    I followed Gerry from Eagle Summit to Mile 101. About a mile from the Checkpoint he drove into the setting sun.

  • The steep side of Eagle Summit

    The steep side of Eagle Summit

    William Kleedehn’s dog team pushing up the east side of Eagle Summit just to head into the icy wind.

  • Sebastian Schnuelle

    Sebastian Schnuelle

    While he was removing the booties off his dogs paws he looked up at me and said:  ” Mach hinne Alter, es ist kalt.” (Hey dude, speed up, it’s cold)  

  • Dredge No.4

    Dredge No.4

    Brent Sass’s dogteam passes Gold Dredge No.4 on Bonanza Road near Dawson City.

  • Eagle Bluff

    Eagle Bluff

    Bill Cotter passes open water infront of the Eagle Bluff during the Yukon Quest 2008.

  • On Eagle Summit 02

    Up Eagle Summit

    A dog team runs up the westside of Eagle Summit. 2008      

  • Curtis


    Curtis is carrying a dog flown in from Scroggie Creek to the dog truck.