Robert Norton, author of “Treat people like dogs”, says:
“Carsten has an exceptional eye for the dramatic. His photos of the great north
and the Yukon Quest catch the spirit of the action. They engage the viewer and
leave them wanting more.” (about the photos of the north and the dog races)


© Wolfgang Jahnke - Berlin

© Wolfgang Jahnke – Berlin

In 1988 I played a police officer in the Movie ‘Killing Blue’ who checks a gangster, played by Armin Mueller Stahl, and ends up with the car door between his legs.

اَلمَمْلَكَة اَلأُرْدُنِيَّة اَلهَاشِمِيَّة

Cédric Halpouter took this photo in the Kingdom of Jordanاَلمَمْلَكَة اَلأُرْدُنِيَّة اَلهَاشِمِيَّة

berlin wall mauer mur muro

Visting Checkpoint Charlie with American students, talking about the Berlin wall. Photo Jacy Hutchinson 2012


2009 I was the producer of the german TV production “Im Bann des Yukon”. We filmed William Kleedehn and Hugh Neff racing in the 1000 mile sled-dog race called the Yukon Quest.  The Director was Klaus Scherer, Chief Editor Barbara Biemann, Producer Dagmar Hovestadt & Carsten Thies. Camera Team: Wolfgang Schick, Dieter Stypmann, Eike Nerling, Ronald Schuetze. Audio Engineers: Steve Jaklic, Helmut Hansen. Editing: Bettina Pogarell, Production Management: Michael Schinschke  NDR/ARD, Pilot: Zack Knaebel, Driver: Darcy Olesen, Mike Weber. Guide: Faye Chamberlain

Article: TV TODAY Die ARD-Reportage “Im Bann des Yukon”

Trailer “Im Bann des Yukon”

Photos “Im Bann des Yukon”

Klaus und Dagmar

Klaus Scherer & Dagmar Hovestadt

Carl and Klaus

Carl Cochran & Klaus Scherer


berlin wall mauer grafiti spray color farbe

Working on a grafiti at the Berlin Wall 1984. By wearing an FDJ shirt, the shirt of the East German Youth Organisation, I provoked the East German border guards, on top of spraying grafiti. The wall made 90 degree turn at this location, so they easily could take photos from a watchtower. I got the shirt from East German punks in exchange for a music cassette, with West German punk rock. The photo appeared in a couple of magazines at the time. Photo Petra Gall

 Sondereinsatzkommando police polizei special unit force

In the NFP TV production ‘Ausweglos’, I played a squadleader. Director was Sigi Rothemund, production manager was the legendary Axel Bär.


Roger Gurnsey took this shot in out of a C172 in 1988. That summer we were working together in Schaidt, close to the german french border. While falling, I remember seeing him leaning out of the plane, in one hand the camera and holding on to the seatbelt with the other one.


alaska malemute outdoor

 Riley and me prospecting for gold in the Pinell Mountains in the nineties.