My creative career has been rather uncoordinated. Always curious. Always hungry. I always wanted to live on a train, always on the move, every second a different place. The early eighties in Berlin, after the last graffiti was done, the cans were flying over the wall. I went to Chile driving trucks and working the turntable. Back to Berlin I enjoyed different activities such as acting, modeling, concrete cutting, writing, and taking philosophy classes at FU Berlin. I consider myself very lucky, having been able to try myself out. Driven by curiosity and the lust for life, generating money never ranked high in my life. Today flying and photography are my favorite activities. I am always returning to my favorite locations, Alaska and Berlin.


Sitting infront of my grafiti on the Berlin wall in 1983. Almost 20 years later set designer Thomas Stammer rebuilt this part of the Wall for the final scene of the movie “Herr Lehmann”. It took me by surprise when I watched the movie with my daughter. I was very happy to find out that there are still photos of my work. Thomas did an awesome job in repainting the grafiti, he even replicated my tag. Later I learned that photos of my grafitis are displayed in the Berliner Mauer Museum and in the Kreuzberg Museum.

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