IFK Ice Freestyler Karlsruhe

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5 years Ice Freestyler. Time for a video thought their MoD, looked through all the material he had collected over the years and started editing. The result is this awesome personal clip.

ice freestyler karlsruhe

Marijan, Sarani, Daniel, Florian, Dean

Daniel captured by Jacy during the IFK shoot

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IFK Heruth eislauf eistreff viernheim mannheim karlsruhe

This great portrait of Daniel van H was taken Jan 26th 2013. Jacy got him right.


IFK Ice Freestyler Karlsruhe – Rap The Base

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I am looking forward to connect with the IFK next saturday. After hearing a lot about these young and talented Ice Freestylers, its time to see them in action.